Surface Play, Passage, Border. This volume of ranges plays with the place in which they fit.

Anaïs proposes a declination of mobile architectural elements made of lime coating and mosaic. These volumes, inspired by the aesthetics and functionality of the architectural elements, reveal the work on surfaces and motif in a dialogue with the environment welcoming them. The wall decoration then becomes a structural element of space. The sweeping of the light animates surfaces, revealing the transparency, opalescence, and colors of the various textures.
Lines inspired by the object on the wall split the space and spread a singular character in the environment by compositions of unique materials. In a sculptural point of view, these pieces animated by the sweeping of the light in order to reveal the artist’s reinvented and reinterpreted work of mosaic.
On the border between arts and crafts and work of art, this range is based on the traditional knowledge of fresco and mosaic reintroduced in contemporary aesthetics.
The decor becomes an actor in the living space.

© Atelier Landes 2017
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