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07/10/2023 to 15/02/2024

Exhibition “Espace suspendus”
Maison de la Mosaïque
Paray le Monial 71600




19/01/2023 to 23/01/2023

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris january
Hall 5A Craft



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19/01/2022 to 23/01/2022

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris january
Hall 5A Craft


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17/01/2020 to 21/01/2020

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris january
Hall 5A Craft Stand H55 with Marie Juge


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12/10/2019 to 29/12/2019

Collective Exhibition [T’eau] ou [T’art]
Passerelle Gacilly with Le Hangar du Pendule



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06/12/2019 to 08/12/2019

Salon des Métiers d’Art Nantes


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06/09/2019 to 10/09/2019

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris 2019 september
Hall 5A Craft Stand J10-K9


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13/07/2019 to 26/08/2019

“Eclats de verre en Bresle”
Association du Manoir de Fontaine



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06/06/2019 to 14/07/2019

“Le 56 se jette à l’eau” Galerie 56


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18/01/2019 to 22/01/2109

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris 2019 january
Hall 5A Craft Stand L14


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07/12/2018 to 09/12/2108

Exhibition “Salon Métier d’Art”



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10/03/2018 to 30/09/2108

Exhibition “Bande à part”
Ile Oléron



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13/10/2018 to 30/12/2108

Exhibition “Jeux suis Nature”


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07/09/2018 to 11/09/2108

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris 2018 september
Hall 5A Craft Stand H19

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19/01/2018 to 23/01/2108

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris 2018
Hall 5A Craft Stand H19

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Exhibition “Métiers d’Art” Nantes
December 2017

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11/11/2107 to 14/01/2017

Exhibition Mosaic Hazebrouck

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Exhibition “L’ART est aux Nefs”
september 2017

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08/09/2017 to 12/09/2107

Attendance “Maison&Objet” Paris 2017
Hall 5A Craft Stand L53

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Article Presse Océan August 2017

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Article Ouest France July 2017

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24/03/2017 to 26/03/2017

17th edition of the Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain (the Great Contemporary Art Market)

More than 150 artists await you to present their very new creations! Its privileged geographical setting, at the heart of the Impressionists Island, is a place of pleasure-boating that inspired many painters and writers in the second half of the 19th century.
In this remarkable setting, I will assist Marie Juge, a raku sculptor, in a demonstration of a fascinating cooking.

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03/03/2017 to 06/03/2017

7th Deco & Design Show Nantes-Rezé

I will meet you on stand A21 at Salon Déco & Design.
The fair is held at Trocardière from March, 3 to 6.
March, 3 from 2 pm to 7 pmMarch, 4 to 6 from 10am to 7pm
Creation, decoration, and interior/exterior arrangement
A unique selection of 130 exhibitors, manufacturers, resellers, decorators, architects, artisans and artists, compete for creativity and ingenuity will offer you an exceptional trip into the world of decoration and design.

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09/12/2016 to 11/12/2016

Christmas strolls in Trentemoult

The Pendulum Hangar opens its doors during the Trentemoult Christmas Stroll, journey around the studios.Come and discover our creations in a festive and warm atmosphere.

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Installation of the studio at the Pendulum Hangar

Anaïs moved to Trentemoult in a shared studio.
Come and meet art craftspeople and artists from the Pendulum Hangar.
2bis rue codet Rezé.

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02/12/2016 to 04/12/2016

Craftsmanship Creation Show Nantes 2016

130 exhibitors
Creators from all over France will exhibit their skills: art crafts, painters, sculptors, visual artists.
Talents discovery
Dynamic and contemporary, this creation show is a Craftsmanship event supported and recognized by experts and creators.

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